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Poster: Tyler Date: Apr 3, 2005 2:43pm
Forum: etree Subject: Any good live violin / orchestra with hip-hop on

So i just came home from seeing a modern dance performance by Bk soul at an old church in the old-quarter of downtown san diego. The unique thing is that bk soul is a modern dance troupe but they are accompanied by a DJ, a live drummer, and a live violinist. The beats and sounds the muscians make really produce some amazing beats and sounds that I haven't heard anywhere else to date.

I was curious... does anyone have a good recommendation of a band or artist that does this live orchestra / instrument performance with hip-hop beats / rapping? on or otherwise?

In Dec 04 I heard on NPR a piece that does similar things to this called The Dakah Hip Hop Orchestra out of Los Angeles.. it is a 60 piece orchestra that plays with a beatbox, and DJ spinning and live rapping too... it is a really cool unique sound and here is the NPR piece for you to listen to.. (thumbs up to NPR for archiving their own stuff so extensively).. and while Dekah is cool, it's not waht i'm looking for. more violin, less rapping, maybe just some beats / scratches from the DJ.. any help anyone? I wish I taped it tonight, the audio was insane!

san diego, ca

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Poster: J.C. Date: Apr 4, 2005 12:09am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Any good live violin / orchestra with hip-hop on

Hmmm. The only thing that comes to mind is Club D'elf. They've got a rotating lineup that often includes violin, oud, dj turntables and electronica. No rapping, but the beats are often hip-hop/funk, though usually mellow and trancy.

Check 'em out, even if it isn't exactly what you're looking for. They're top-notch.